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Nowadays, “art, culture and originality” has become a common language of human living in the global village.  As for the Chinese who represent about a quarter of the global  population with a historical heritage of five thousand years, it is pressing and significant to industrialize and prosper the Chinese culture.

Thus, we are committed to the diffusion and transmission of the profound Chinese culture around the globe. For this purpose, we will provide assistance to cultural exhibitions, hold seminars, accept commissions of government authorities or non-governmental organizations and sponsor or participate in other cultural activities.

With social development and economic improvement, the spiritual needs of people arise. Since culture is a key component of spiritual life, it becomes an important issue to take advantage of cultural heritage to develop new products and services tosatisfy popular spiritual demands.

The basis of culture is the accumulation of life experience of  human. Thus, we are working on finding and inputting new elements while integrating all kinds of resources. And our people who come from different areas and industries devote themselves to the globalization of culture industry with their enthusiasm of Chinese culture.